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About Avalon Design Studios

Avalon Design Studios is the creative vision of Chris Petty, formerly a Children’s Book Illustrator he now devotes his time to Jewellery and Sculpture.

His influences include Mythology and Celtic Lore, the writings of Tolkien, and Comic Books.


“I live in a beautiful part of the world. The far South West of Cornwall has special places with a magic about them. The ancient people who populated South-West England lived in harmony with with the land. The Celts in particular gave special reverence to the trees. They used them for food, medicines, housing, magical rites and in return treated them with respect”.

Avalon Design Studios products are both inspired and informed by the beauty of nature.


Although predominantly featuring Bespoke Jewellery, Sculpture will become the main focus of Fabled Soul. Bronze is envisioned as being the main medium but other materials are being considered with regards to producing Pop Sculpture.


From an early age I found refuge in the Art Room making Sculpture from cardboard and clay.  I had a tough time at primary school and spent a lot of time escaping, something I’ve continued to this day:)

At that time my grandad ran a newspaper distribution company so I used to get The Beano regularly. It featured a character called Billy The Cat. He was an ordinary kid who would transform to a super hero, chase down criminals and save classmates from bullies. I could have done with him at my school:) But it was a comfort reading his adventures at night when I was bullied at school.  I also used to read the Marvel and DC Comics featuring Thor, Dr Strange and the other heroes.


I admire the works of classical Sculptors including Giacometti and Giambologna.


These seemingly very different influences will find their way into my new work.


For many years I was a Dental Technician where I developed the technical skills involved in casting metals.  In the year 2000 I went back to College to study Illustration, acquired an Agent, Authored but mainly Illustrated a number of books.  My style developed whilst studying and involved Sculpture, Photography and CGI.



I have now decided to pursue my ambition of becoming a full-time Sculptor. Not a decision I have taken lightly. The frustration of producing temporary models is giving way to the need to produce permanent Artworks.