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The Excuses

I’m sorry it’s been so long but I’ve been trying to work out where I’m going with Avalon Design Studios. I’ve never really had much of a plan. Like many creators I just want to create. But I no longer want to be just another struggling artist. I need to up my game.

I have been trying to consolidate my web presences into something more manageable. So I have decided to stick with Avalon over my other incarnation of Fabled Soul, (

Also Frodo has been a bit of a distraction so I have been looking at ways to work whilst he’s knocking around the place. He just turned 2 years old yesterday but hasn’t seemed to have grown out of his puppy like behaviour.


Firstly I need to set up a new workshop. Originally I was going to build a garden studio but I have decided to convert the spare room. This could prove to be problematic as the kid’s keep coming back. I think the phenomenon is called ‘Boomerang Children.’ But I thought I’d cross that bridge when I come to it, (famous last words).

So, I’m painting the room and have ordered suitable furniture for display and storage. I really need separate sections for:

  • Designing jewellery and sculpture
  • fabricating and finishing
  • Photographing work in progress
  • Social media on laptop
  • Packaging and dispatch

Packaging is an important part of selling my products. My wife spotted these tins and thought they would make a good way of presenting and protecting my jewellery. They can be put to other uses such as a container for small items or they could just be recycled with the household waste.

I am currently working on new jewellery designs. I do want to keep producing pieces inspired by nature like the Oak leaf pendant in this post’s featured image. But I do have some other ideas which I will talk about in my next blog post.

About Chris Petty
Chris is a Children's Book Illustrator turned Jewellery Designer and Sculptor. He is Inspired by Nature and Celtic Mythology.
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