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First of all congratulations to the winner of the November draw

June from Arkansaw

What’s been happening?

Unfortunately my Mother-In-Law passed away over Christmas.  This was a pretty traumatic time and I ended up getting the flu.  Not sure if it was the Japanese or Australian variety but it was an evil little bug.

I’ve spent a lot of time since, contemplating, visiting places that make me happy, like St Ives, (featured in the cover image).  Cornwall has so many areas where you can emerse yourself in the landscape or stroll along the coast.  I love the ancient wells, villages and hill-forts like on top of Trencrom hill.


Hayle Estuary

Maybe I’ll get a dog.

I used to have a dog called Rusty in my teens and early 20’s.  He was my closest friend and confidant.  He listened to me without judgement and saw me through some ruff times, (sorry :))  When he died it broke my heart and during the years later I haven’t wanted to own another dog.  But it’s time I had a look for a furry friend.  Besides, it would force me off the sofa and out of the house to take it for a walks. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about getting a Cavapoo like the one pictured below.  Seems to be an energetic and inquisitive type of breed and not too big for our house. 🙂

And a van?

A lot of people tour around Cornwall in VW vans etc, particularly surfers.  It would be great to be able to explore Cornwall and Devon without having to to pre-book a hotel.  The freedom to take off at a moment’s notice appeals to me.  It shouldn’t just be the domain of young people.


Orders have slowed down over January as is always the case after Christmas.  I had a couple of interesting commissions including this pendant for a lady in the US.  She loves Cornwall and her ‘totem animal’ is a crow or raven.  This is a rough sketch of the design I came up with.

The pattern is nearly finished being sculpted.  I’ll post the finished piece once I’ve cast it in silver.

I have been sculpting other personal projects including a horses head and this female torso.  It is frustratingly slow as I have to keep breaking off to attend to other stuff.  But I hope to cast this piece in bronze in the near future.  It is currently being sculpted in Sculpey Fine clay.


Next Giveaway prize for February to be announced in the next blog post.

About Chris Petty
Chris is a Children's Book Illustrator turned Jewellery Designer and Sculptor. He is Inspired by Nature and Celtic Mythology.
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