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This Month’s Giveaway

This Sterling Silver Hammered Ring Pendant.  It features a Hand Forged Oak Leaf and AAA Grade Rainbow Moonstone.

Ancient Lore

The Oak Tree

This is the most venerated of Trees in Druidic Lore.  It represents Strength, Longevity and forbearance.

Oak,(Duir in Celtic), the 7th tree of the Celtic Ogam.

This Pendant signifies courage, inner strength, the power to determine our own destiny

The Rainbow Moonstone

Throughout the ages, moonstone has been synonymous with the moon, magic, love, good fortune, and protection.

Many believe that the rainbow moonstone is the most in alignment with Nature and extra-worldly consciousness.

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About Chris Petty
Chris is a Children's Book Illustrator turned Jewellery Designer and Sculptor. He is Inspired by Nature and Celtic Mythology.
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