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I’m trying to make the move from ‘Fabled Soul’ to ‘Avalon Design Studios.’

The reason for the Brand change is that I want to develop a business with a name that hints at the Influences on my work and that it’s one that involves creativity.

Avalon was a place in mythology where King Arthur was taken after being mortally injured by Mordred at the Battle Of Camlann. This story and others like it, particularly of Celtic origin, inform a lot of my designs in Jewellery and Sculpture.

The Celtic Druids had a reverence for nature and Trees were considered symbolic of many aspects of human nature.  For example the Oak Tree signified Strength and Longevity.  For this reason I incorporate Oak Leaves into many of my designs.

There’s a tendancy to believe that Arty/Crafty Businesses are just Hobbies. Whilst it is true that it’s hard to generate a sustainable income from Creative Ventures, there are plenty of people succeeding in doing so.

At the same time as changing my Company name, I have decided to change my Business Model.  Trying to produce Bespoke Jewellery at ‘Off The Shelf’ prices is not workable.  So I decided to offer Bronze designs which I can make and sell from Stock whilst offering a Bespoke Service in Silver.


I hope to make the bronze Jewellery available soon, but I am still working on the packaging.  Watch this space. 🙂

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