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I am lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world but it’s not where I was brought up.  The Far South West of England seemed the natural place for me to end up with its beautiful scenery, the open skies and less people. My childhood home was a fairly ordinary town in the South-East which has suffered from overpopulation.

As a child I lived in relative comfort, the middle child of three and son of a Dentist.  But despite the seemingly nourturing environment I was not a happy child, at least as I started Nursery and moved on to Primary School.  From my earliest memories of Educational Establishments I hated my life there.  I had no friends and was totally befuddled by most of the lessons.  As far back as I can remember I cried myself to sleep every night for seems like years.  I think I owe my survival to the School’s Art Room where I found a creative outlet, and one person who wasn’t even real, although in my mind he was out there somewhere: Billy The Cat.


He inhabited a clandestine world, roaming at night seeking to undermine the activities of local criminals.  He was a character from The Beano created by David Sutherland. This Strip sparked my imagination and fostered my interest in Comic Books which informs my work to this day.


In the absence of real life role-models, Comic Book Heroes took on their mantle. In my upcoming works this influence will manifest itself in one form or other; as will the stories of Warriors, Giants, Gods and Goddesses enshrined in Mythology here in the magical South-West of England.

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  • David Carman

    Hi Chris

    Did you ever wonder how William Grange became Billy the Cat?

    It has troubled me for over 40 years, so I have decided to write the origins of the character

    When it’s done I’ll post it online for all to read

    I’ve spoken to DC Thompson and their copyright dept have said as long as I release it into the public domain without monetary reward they’re happy. A fan fiction tribute, if you will.

    It’ll be here at some time in the future.

    Keep the faith


    • Chris.P

      Hi David
      It’s great to hear from a fellow fan. 🙂 I look forward to reading your article.

      I was thinking about creating a statue of Billy The Cat and applying for a licence to market it. Not sure there’s many of us fans about to make this viable though. :/

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