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Chun Castle – Far West Cornwall

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This is one of my favourite places in West Cornwall.  The history of the place and the views are amazing.  Chun Castle is pretty much broken down but the perimeter and gate posts clearly remain.  The picture below shows the Castle on the horizon as I approach it from the adjacent farm.



Approach to Chun Castle


Gate Posts in the Inner Wall


A section of the broken down wall


This shows how it would have looked albeit lacking in its original height.


Castle Well

This Castle was used to protect the Tin and Copper Traders.  Gold and other valuable commodities would have been kept here.  It is believed that Chun Castle never succumbed to enemy invasion.



A view of the beautiful landscape out to sea.

Chun Quoit Is a couple of hundred meters adjacent to the Castle and predates it by several hundred years.  It couldn’t be situated in a more peaceful place; the Tomb of an ancient Chieftain or Village Elder.


Chun Quoit

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